The NSW FCC InterClub competition is now open for entries and will close on the 16th August 2019. There are 8 sections – 3 print and 5 digital. PHPC will be entering only the digital sections this year.

Members are invited to nominate their own images to be selected for the Club’s entries in the InterClub competition before midnight on Monday the 22nd of July 2019.

To nominate your entries, a NSW FCC InterClub Selection Competition has been created where you can submit a maximum of 2 entries per section.  You may nominate any of your images that has not been entered in the Interclub previously and that has not been submitted by any other club for the Interclub. Please read the InterClub Rules to ensure your nominated images comply. Note the InterClub entry fee will be paid by PHPC not by individual members.

You will find the Selection Competition in the Members / Competitions area:

Click on the Upload link and you will see this form:

You may select from entries you have already uploaded this year by using the green button, or you may upload a new image by dragging into the white box. Once uploaded, select which section you are nominating for, and press the Submit button (which appears after uploading). Please note the FCC requires that the image filename should be the same as the title but not contain any special characters like a comma apostrophe or quotation marks. Use only letters and numbers in the filename.

The Committee will then view and judge the nominated entries and select those that will be entered in the Interclub competition.

So please get busy and nominate your best images before midnight on Monday the 22nd of July 2019, so the club is able to showcase your talent in the FCC InterClub competition.