Dear photofriends! 

Kindly allow me to contact you as chairman of 2021 TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT.

Current times aren’t amusing at all, suppose you feel similar. However photography is something that seems to even resist the countless pandemic restrictions of our daily life. There are still a few enjoyable photographic activities left. One of these might be presenting your best images in the world’s largest annual photo art contest: TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT 2021.

That is why I write to you today: let us set a sign right now against the pandemic situation we are all suffering! Let us all together collect the most stunning images in this unique contest to tell the world: photography is alive, my creativity doesn’t sleep at all! 

That is the point we now need YOU! Yes correct: exactly you and your best images! It’s worth the try, if you dare, you can win with us! The general section and 30 different themes/topic sections in TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT are offering hundreds of medals and awards.We will again publish a 300 page catalogue, containing more than 1.000 master images in superb printing quality, as well as another 500-page luxury edition hard cover book. These publications need to be filled with marvellous photography. Participation is easy!

Either use our upload on when entering digital files only. Just register and then start uploading your images. This upload tool is now open until closing date on March 29, 2021. Only in case you plan to send us prints on paper and/or digital files on USB-stick by post then download the entry form and conditions of entry at

We deeply hope on your participation 2021 as it takes many creative photographers like you to make the competition what it is for so many photographers around the globe: something very special!

Best regards and good luckChris Hinterobermaier / Chairman

PS: We have still a couple of books left in our stock.Order the LUXURY EDITION X and/or QUINTESSENCE 2000-2020. Order form: First come, first serve!