We have received this information from Michael Snedic, who is one of Australia’s most accomplished wildlife and nature photographers. He has been photographing across Australia (and overseas) for the past 24 years. He is the owner and operator of ‘WildNature Photo Expeditions’, and has presented photography workshops and tours across Australia and the world for the past 17 years (one of the longest-running photography workshop and tour businesses in Australia).

Michael says: “I am pleased to announce the release of my first ever eBook ‘The Art of Wildlife Photography.’ This eBook contains lots of useful information to help photographers achieve better wildlife images. The good news is that it is absolutely FREE!

Perusing the eBook we agree it is a very worthwhile read, condensing the art of wildlife photography into a set of concise tips with accompanying high-quality photographs.

To download the EBook follow this link. The download page will ask for your name and email.