Welcome to the Pennant Hills Photographic Club

The Pennant Hills Photographic Club welcomes all photographers to join and participate in its events and by sharing knowledge to improve and enhance photographic skills. Our club aims to mentor, support, and educate its members, and to foster skills and passion for photography in a collegiate and enjoyable atmosphere.
For information on the club and how to join please view: Information about the club (opens in a new tab)

About Us

PHPC is a medium-sized club of around 50-60 members. Our members range in skill from enthusiastic novices to experienced photographers. The club has a few members who are judges.

We have a number of members who run the mentoring program for our newer members to learn the capabilities of their camera(s). We are large enough to support the growth of members but small enough to be a community, where all members can know each other. The club is here to challenge us to get the best from ourselves and our cameras

Upcoming Events - mouse over for details
7:45 pm Presentation – Mounting Photogra... @ Uniting Church Hall
Presentation – Mounting Photogra... @ Uniting Church Hall
Apr 1 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
A talk will be given by Peter Kenny proprietor of Framing Life and an accomplished photographer in his own right on the topic of mounting photographic prints. The emphasis will be on correctly mounting prints[...]
7:45 pm Competition 1903 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
Competition 1903 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
Apr 15 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Comp 1903 – Open & Set – Creative.  Images displaying an original, inventive or striking effect created in camera and/or by an editing program. The image must show evidence of a photographic image taken by[...]
6:00 pm Outing – TBA
Outing – TBA
Apr 29 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Details will be announced closer to the date.
7:45 pm Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
May 6 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Details will be announced closer to the date.
7:45 pm Competition 1904 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
Competition 1904 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
May 20 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Comp 1904 – Open & Set – Nature. Per the Australian Photographic Society definition. See https://www.a-p-s.org.au/index.php/nature-definition
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Presentations from the First Meeting of 2019

The presentations by Don Munro (Making a Photobook), Phil Weir (Still Life), and Tony Strasser (Creating Two Competition Photos) given at our first meeting have now been placed on the website at this location: https://pennanthills.myphotoclub.com.au/tutorials-and-presentations/.  This page can also be found by going to the Club Rules and Documents page and a link to the Tutorials and Presentations page is about halfway down.  The page is restricted for viewing to club members only.

by Tony Strasser, 5 February 2019

Pennant Hills Photographic Club returns for 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope that you have all enjoyed a wonderful break and are ready to get back into photography.  I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4th February at 7.30pm.  We have an exciting year ahead with some challenging subjects and I look forward to seeing all your entries.

Our agenda for the Monday 4th is:

  • Welcome back
  • 2019 program
  • Presentations by some of our members
  • Tea, coffee and a chat to catch up

Please note that fees are due and members must be financial to enter competitions. The costs are:

  • Membership Fee: $90.00
  • Seniors: $85.00
  • Concessions: $80.00
  • Student: $35.00

Bank Account details are:

  • BSB: 032 087
  • Account: 731 071
  • Please include your name and 2019 in the reference field.

See you all on Monday night 4th February.


Nancy Morley


by Nancy Morley, 29 January 2019

Transition to a New Version of MyPhotoClub during February 2019

Dear members,
we have been advised that Version 2 of MyPhotoClub will be rolled out during February 2019.  This means that we all should take some time to familiarise ourselves with the changes and how to use Version 2!
On our home page, there is a link (just below the header image) to the main MyPhotoClub site which contains video-based information about the changes and how to use Version 2.  As you will see this is a complete makeover for MyPhotoClub.
Please take the time to watch the videos that are relevant to you, and then if you have questions we’ll attempt to get them answered.  This is new to us too so please be patient as we are all learning.
Colin Woods has provided some pre-answers to some likely queries:
  • When will my site being changed over?
    • This is a site by site process so sites will be done progressively starting the first week of February.
  • What about all of my content?
    • I will look at each site and see what documents/pages you have in place and move them over for you.
    • After that you can re-arrange the content as you please
  • There are only three member pages and they just ‘pop-up’!
    • As before you can create pages and link to them within the ‘pop-up’ pages
  • What happens with the open and completed competitions for this year?
    • They will be rolled over to the new system
    • Competition entry will be suspended for a few hours while the migration scripts run and are checked.
  • What happens with the competitions for previous years?
    • None of this information is being deleted – nor are the images.
    • From now on,  at the end of each year, a PDF document of your point score data and a ‘catalog’  of all competitions for that year will be produced.
    • I will discuss with each club what they require for their previous years’ data.
    • [Note: PHPC data and images for 2018 is already backed-up on a separate site]
  • What functionality has been removed?
    • All the same features are still in place
    • There is less reliance on email notifications as these have been problematic.
    • Personalised reply-to addresses are being withdrawn due to spam concerns.  All message will be sent by a DO NOT REPLY  address.
    • For example when a new member joins they are presented with a page detailing your membership process.  A list of all persons nominated as membership managers is displayed. The new member either emails or phones using the contact details
    • The same applies to remote judging and grading
  • What functionality has been added?
    • The upload and data structure now allows greater flexibility so that it will be much easier to provide support for field day and workshop activities.
    • An example on the demonstration site is a field day collection where members can upload four images and their images are immediately available for all members to see – the closing date just prevents further uploads.
    • Competition coordinators will be able to delete entries before and after the competition closes.  Capability to move entries will be included soon after migration.
    • A post will be created to notify of impending collection closing dates.
    • [Note: PHPC will decide what functionality we will use once we become more familiar with the new Version]
A term that you will often see referred to is ‘collection’ This is a grouping of competitions with a common closing date.  This allows many tasks that were done for each competition to be done once for the collection. e.g. Download a collection for presentation, publish a collection, notify results of a collection. etc.
Finally, you notice that at the bottom of your competition entry page are links to other competitions.  These are public competitions hosted by MyPhotoClub.
MyPhotoClub now hosts all Australian Photographic Society conducted competitions. The National Portrait competition is being conducted by Colin and he has asked that we promote these competitions to your our members.
We’re looking forward to our 2019 calendar of activities.  Please come long to our first meeting on the 4th February 2019.

by Tony Strasser, 25 January 2019

FCC F/Stop Newsletter for January 2019

Dear Members.

Welcome to our 2019 year of Club events.  More information will follow shortly.  In the meantime, the FCC’s newsletter for January 2019 has been published and may be viewed at this link.

by Tony Strasser, 15 January 2019

FCC F/Stop Newsletter for December 2018

The FCC’s newsletter for December 2018 has been published and may be viewed at this link.

by Tony Strasser, 10 December 2018

2019 Calendar

The PHPC Calendar for 2019 is now available on our website at the link below and on the Club Rules and Documents page.  The electronic calendar has also been updated.

PHPC Calendar 2019 V1.6

The calendar includes a list of photographic competitions and their topics and their definitions.  The presentations and outings have dates but the details are still being worked on by the Committee and will be announced in due course.

Finally, the Competition Rules for 2019 have also been re-published at the link below and also on the Club Rules and Documents page. They have not changed from 2018 (except for the calendar year).

Competition Rules and Categories 2019 V1

Note: The electronic calendar is on the middle left of the home page.  There is a link (a WiFi symbol that says “Add”) that presents a drop-down list with options to import or link the calendar to your personal electronic calendar.  Once linked, any changes we make should be automatically updated in your personal calendar.

by Tony Strasser, 8 December 2018

Print and Projected Image of the Year Results Have Been Published

Congratulations to the entrants and award winners in our end-of-year competition 1812.  The entries and results have now been published for your viewing pleasure.

The instructions for viewing competition images and results can be read by clicking on the following link. The instructions are also on the Club Documents Page.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Viewing Completed Competitions

Congratulations also to all entrants in the competitions throughout 2018.  The final point score table is now also on the website at the link below and on the Club Rules and Documents page.

2018 Points Table (Final)

by Tony Strasser, 8 December 2018

Results for Competition 1811 – Our Club – Have Been Published

The entries in and the results of the final point-score competition for the year, Competition 1811 (Set only – Our Club) are now available for you to see.  The awards were determined by voting by the members who attended and many remarked that they enjoyed the process.

The instructions for viewing competition images and results can be read by clicking on the following link. The instructions are also on the Club Documents Page.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Viewing Completed Competitions

We are fast approaching our final meeting of the year on the 3rd of December 2018 where the point-score placegetters will be announced and trophies and certificates given.  Please select your entries, from among those you entered this year, for the Print and Projected Image of the Year competition.  There is a special procedure for this which was posted just a few days ago and is in the Club Documents page.

Also do not forget to enter the special Poster Competition, to be held on the same night.  The procedure is the usual one for uploading and entering new images.

by Tony Strasser, 20 November 2018

Print and Projected Image of the Year Competition Instructions

Now that members have uploaded their final entries for the year, except for the Poster Competition, it is time to consider what images to select for the final competition to be held on the 3rd of December 2018.

The procedure for entry involves selecting from any of the images that have been already uploaded and entered into previous competitions, irrespective of awards gained.  The instructions are on the Club Rules and Documents page, and at the following link:

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Entering the Image of the Year Competition

Please ensure that:

  • if you are a member of other clubs on MyPhotoClub that you select only from your PHPC (pennanthills) entries; and
  • your selected entries are appropriate for the media category you are entering – specifically, that monochrome prints are monochrome

Also please note that MyPhotoClub will not produce labels for this competition (which is a shortcoming that is acknowledged but cannot be changed).  Labels are required for prints, but as members are selecting from prior entries, labels should already be attached. As advised previously, it is prudent to save PDF copies of your labels when entries are first made.

The Poster Competition is entered by the usual method and labels must be attached.  Please refer to the Comp Rules and Categories V4 2018 for the Poster Competition requirements.

If anyone has difficulty or questions please contact the Competition Secretary at competition@phpc.org.au or on 0408-406-519.  Good luck with your entries.

by Tony Strasser, 18 November 2018

FCC F/Stop Newsletter for November 2018

The FCC F/Stop Newsletter has just been published and may be of interest to our club’s members.  Topics covered include the FCC Interclub competition and upcoming photographic exhibitions which are always an object of admiration and source of inspiration for photographers.  Our colleague Jeff Akers is the newsletter editor.

The newsletter may be read at this link.

by Tony Strasser, 16 November 2018