Dear members,
we have been advised that Version 2 of MyPhotoClub will be rolled out during February 2019.  This means that we all should take some time to familiarise ourselves with the changes and how to use Version 2!
On our home page, there is a link (just below the header image) to the main MyPhotoClub site which contains video-based information about the changes and how to use Version 2.  As you will see this is a complete makeover for MyPhotoClub.
Please take the time to watch the videos that are relevant to you, and then if you have questions we’ll attempt to get them answered.  This is new to us too so please be patient as we are all learning.
Colin Woods has provided some pre-answers to some likely queries:
  • When will my site being changed over?
    • This is a site by site process so sites will be done progressively starting the first week of February.
  • What about all of my content?
    • I will look at each site and see what documents/pages you have in place and move them over for you.
    • After that you can re-arrange the content as you please
  • There are only three member pages and they just ‘pop-up’!
    • As before you can create pages and link to them within the ‘pop-up’ pages
  • What happens with the open and completed competitions for this year?
    • They will be rolled over to the new system
    • Competition entry will be suspended for a few hours while the migration scripts run and are checked.
  • What happens with the competitions for previous years?
    • None of this information is being deleted – nor are the images.
    • From now on,  at the end of each year, a PDF document of your point score data and a ‘catalog’  of all competitions for that year will be produced.
    • I will discuss with each club what they require for their previous years’ data.
    • [Note: PHPC data and images for 2018 is already backed-up on a separate site]
  • What functionality has been removed?
    • All the same features are still in place
    • There is less reliance on email notifications as these have been problematic.
    • Personalised reply-to addresses are being withdrawn due to spam concerns.  All message will be sent by a DO NOT REPLY  address.
    • For example when a new member joins they are presented with a page detailing your membership process.  A list of all persons nominated as membership managers is displayed. The new member either emails or phones using the contact details
    • The same applies to remote judging and grading
  • What functionality has been added?
    • The upload and data structure now allows greater flexibility so that it will be much easier to provide support for field day and workshop activities.
    • An example on the demonstration site is a field day collection where members can upload four images and their images are immediately available for all members to see – the closing date just prevents further uploads.
    • Competition coordinators will be able to delete entries before and after the competition closes.  Capability to move entries will be included soon after migration.
    • A post will be created to notify of impending collection closing dates.
    • [Note: PHPC will decide what functionality we will use once we become more familiar with the new Version]
A term that you will often see referred to is ‘collection’ This is a grouping of competitions with a common closing date.  This allows many tasks that were done for each competition to be done once for the collection. e.g. Download a collection for presentation, publish a collection, notify results of a collection. etc.
Finally, you notice that at the bottom of your competition entry page are links to other competitions.  These are public competitions hosted by MyPhotoClub.
MyPhotoClub now hosts all Australian Photographic Society conducted competitions. The National Portrait competition is being conducted by Colin and he has asked that we promote these competitions to your our members.
We’re looking forward to our 2019 calendar of activities.  Please come long to our first meeting on the 4th February 2019.