Welcome to the Pennant Hills Photographic Club

The Pennant Hills Photographic Club welcomes all photographers to join and participate in its events and by sharing knowledge to improve and enhance photographic skills. Our club aims to mentor, support, and educate its members, and to foster skills and passion for photography in a collegiate and enjoyable atmosphere.
For information on the club and how to join please view: Information about the club (opens in a new tab)

About Us

PHPC is a medium-sized club of around 50-60 members. Our members range in skill from enthusiastic novices to experienced photographers. The club has a few members who are judges.

We have a number of members who run the mentoring program for our newer members to learn the capabilities of their camera(s). We are large enough to support the growth of members but small enough to be a community, where all members can know each other. The club is here to challenge us to get the best from ourselves and our cameras

Upcoming Events - mouse over for details
7:45 pm Competition 1907 – Set Only – Ph... @ Uniting Church Hall
Competition 1907 – Set Only – Ph... @ Uniting Church Hall
Jul 29 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Comp 07 – Set Only – Photo Rally.  Photos that were taken during the Photo Rally in accordance with the Photo Rally rules. Details to be advised.
7:45 pm Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
Aug 5 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Details will be announced closer to the date.
7:45 pm Competition 1908 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
Competition 1908 – Open & Set – ... @ Uniting Church Hall
Aug 19 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Comp 1908 – Open & Set – Opposites.  A photo showing elements that are clearly identifiable as opposites. Black vs white, contrasting primary colours (RGB), tall vs short, angular / linear vs curved, moving vs[...]
all-day Outing – Weekend Away – TBA
Outing – Weekend Away – TBA
Aug 24 – Aug 25 all-day
A photographic weekend away. Details will be published closer to the date.
7:45 pm Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
Presentation – TBA @ Uniting Church Hall
Sep 2 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Details will be announced closer to the date.
Recent Posts Archives

New Features on MyPhotoClub

Image Viewing Page for individuals and the capability to select an image from this page.

The main news is the introduction of the Image Viewing Page for individuals and the capability to select an existing image for entry.  The Image Viewing page is accessible from the Members Directory page and from the Profile page.
The capability to select an existing image is now built into the entry form.  This allows a person to re-use an image previously uploaded.  It is accessed from the entry form using the green button shown below.

This button takes you to the Image Viewing page with a clear indication that it is in “selection  mode”

Selecting a thumbnail will show the Commenting Page and has a red button to select that image.

Selecting the image takes you back to the entry form and the selected entry looks the same as if it just uploaded the entry.  
The Print and Projected Image of the Year competition will be restricted to allow only previously entered images to be entered using this feature.
Members are reminded of our club’s rules regarding previously entered images. Only images that have not achieved a Credit, Merit or Top Shot Award may be entered in competitions to a maximum of three times. Images achieving a Credit or higher award may not be entered in any further competitions, with the following exception. All images, regardless of awards achieved, may be entered into the Print and Projected Image of the Year competition, but only in the same calendar year of the original entry.

Issues with the display of Competitions page.

Several people have reported a problem where each collection is shown extremely narrow and impossible to read.  An example of this phenomenon is shown below. This is caused by a bug in the screen resizing process to dynamically adapt to different screen sizes.  The workaround for this is to adjust the width of the window, usually by grabbing the edge of the window and dragging it in or out until the page displays correctly.

Other competitions you can enter

Below your competitions are links to competitions MyPhotoClub hosts that you may be interested in entering. Some have restrictions (NPF is for Hunter region club) but they are generally of interest to our members. A very special night sky competition is available called Capture the Cosmos.

by Tony Strasser, 30 May 2019

Final Reminder to Renew Membership

Thank you to the majority of PHPC members that have renewed their memberships of the club. There are however still a number of members who have not as yet paid the 2019 fees. If you are in that category, please renew as soon as possible by making the appropriate membership payment as follows:

Membership fees for 2019:

  • Standard fee $90.00
  • Senior $85.00 (Senior’s Card)
  • Concession $80.00 (Pensioner)
  • School Student $35.00 (Under 18)

Please remit your membership fee by bank transfer to the following account, and also include your name in the remarks so we know who the fee is from.

Pennant Hills Photographic Club        BSB: 032 087 Account: 731071

Competition points will not be credited to members until they are financial.  As we are charged per member for use of the MyPhotoClub website, we will assume those members not renewing by the end of March have resigned from the club and their access to the PHPC website will be revoked.

If you are unsure of your membership status or wish to discuss renewing membership please contact the President or any of the Committee.

by Tony Strasser, 6 March 2019

Our MyPhotoClub Website Has Been Updated

As previously advised, the PHPC Website has been moved to Version 2 of the MyPhotoClub platform. The tutorial videos have been available for some time for you to familiarise yourself with the operation of the new website. All instructions pertaining to the previous website have been removed as they are no longer valid. The new website has a cleaner look and should be easy to operate.

All competitions for the year have now been set up and are available to enter. If you have a problem with these please contact the Competition Secretary. Publication of the results of Competition 1901 will occur shortly.

We welcome constructive feedback on the new site which can be directed to the webmaster@phpc.org.au.

by Tony Strasser, 27 February 2019

Transition to a New Version of MyPhotoClub during February 2019

Dear members,
we have been advised that Version 2 of MyPhotoClub will be rolled out during February 2019.  This means that we all should take some time to familiarise ourselves with the changes and how to use Version 2!
On our home page, there is a link (just below the header image) to the main MyPhotoClub site which contains video-based information about the changes and how to use Version 2.  As you will see this is a complete makeover for MyPhotoClub.
Please take the time to watch the videos that are relevant to you, and then if you have questions we’ll attempt to get them answered.  This is new to us too so please be patient as we are all learning.
Colin Woods has provided some pre-answers to some likely queries:
  • When will my site being changed over?
    • This is a site by site process so sites will be done progressively starting the first week of February.
  • What about all of my content?
    • I will look at each site and see what documents/pages you have in place and move them over for you.
    • After that you can re-arrange the content as you please
  • There are only three member pages and they just ‘pop-up’!
    • As before you can create pages and link to them within the ‘pop-up’ pages
  • What happens with the open and completed competitions for this year?
    • They will be rolled over to the new system
    • Competition entry will be suspended for a few hours while the migration scripts run and are checked.
  • What happens with the competitions for previous years?
    • None of this information is being deleted – nor are the images.
    • From now on,  at the end of each year, a PDF document of your point score data and a ‘catalog’  of all competitions for that year will be produced.
    • I will discuss with each club what they require for their previous years’ data.
    • [Note: PHPC data and images for 2018 is already backed-up on a separate site]
  • What functionality has been removed?
    • All the same features are still in place
    • There is less reliance on email notifications as these have been problematic.
    • Personalised reply-to addresses are being withdrawn due to spam concerns.  All message will be sent by a DO NOT REPLY  address.
    • For example when a new member joins they are presented with a page detailing your membership process.  A list of all persons nominated as membership managers is displayed. The new member either emails or phones using the contact details
    • The same applies to remote judging and grading
  • What functionality has been added?
    • The upload and data structure now allows greater flexibility so that it will be much easier to provide support for field day and workshop activities.
    • An example on the demonstration site is a field day collection where members can upload four images and their images are immediately available for all members to see – the closing date just prevents further uploads.
    • Competition coordinators will be able to delete entries before and after the competition closes.  Capability to move entries will be included soon after migration.
    • A post will be created to notify of impending collection closing dates.
    • [Note: PHPC will decide what functionality we will use once we become more familiar with the new Version]
A term that you will often see referred to is ‘collection’ This is a grouping of competitions with a common closing date.  This allows many tasks that were done for each competition to be done once for the collection. e.g. Download a collection for presentation, publish a collection, notify results of a collection. etc.
Finally, you notice that at the bottom of your competition entry page are links to other competitions.  These are public competitions hosted by MyPhotoClub.
MyPhotoClub now hosts all Australian Photographic Society conducted competitions. The National Portrait competition is being conducted by Colin and he has asked that we promote these competitions to your our members.
We’re looking forward to our 2019 calendar of activities.  Please come long to our first meeting on the 4th February 2019.

by Tony Strasser, 25 January 2019

2019 Calendar

The PHPC Calendar for 2019 is now available on our website at the link below and on the Club Rules and Documents page.  The electronic calendar has also been updated.

PHPC Calendar 2019 V1.6

The calendar includes a list of photographic competitions and their topics and their definitions.  The presentations and outings have dates but the details are still being worked on by the Committee and will be announced in due course.

Finally, the Competition Rules for 2019 have also been re-published at the link below and also on the Club Rules and Documents page. They have not changed from 2018 (except for the calendar year).

Competition Rules and Categories 2019 V1

Note: The electronic calendar is on the middle left of the home page.  There is a link (a WiFi symbol that says “Add”) that presents a drop-down list with options to import or link the calendar to your personal electronic calendar.  Once linked, any changes we make should be automatically updated in your personal calendar.

by Tony Strasser, 8 December 2018

Website Developments

A few changes have been made to our MyPhotoClub website we would like to make you aware of.

Firstly our old website at www.phpc.org.au has been fully decommissioned.  Typing in the old URL in your web browser will now take you directly to our site on MyPhotoClub.  We have retained a copy of the old website in the archive if anyone needs information from it. Just contact the webmaster (webmaster@phpc.org.au).

Secondly, your personal profile page has been revised.  It now shows information on your contact details, over which you have full privacy control; your photographic interests; and the photos you have entered in the Club’s (and other MyPhotoClub clubs’) competitions. To access your profile, click on the purple button that says “Hi your-name” when you log in.

Please take a moment to review your profile and your privacy settings to ensure the information is correct.  There are edit buttons on each of the sections which will allow you to modify your information (except for your profile photo, which is still pending). Don’t forget to click the “Update Details” button when finished!  We notice a few members’ profiles are largely blank, and occasionally email addresses and other details change, so please update your information.  This helps us to maintain our member register and to be able to contact you should the need arise.

by Tony Strasser, 4 September 2018

Competition 1805 Results Are Available

The results of Competition 1805 (Open & Set – Natural Light) are now available for you to see.  The instructions for viewing competition images and results can be viewed by clicking on the following link. They are also on the Club Documents Page.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Viewing Completed Competitions

A reminder to members when entering competitions:

  1. No more than two (2) of any media type (ie. Colour Prints, Mono Prints, Digital Images, Small Prints) are permitted in a single competition. Excess entries will be disqualified. [We acknowledge the entry form doesn’t prevent this and we are working on a solution]
  2. Please be sure you enter the Open or Set category correctly. We award points per the category entered on-line (regardless of placement on the judging display), unless it is obvious that an Open entry has been placed in a Set category in which case it will be re-categorised.
  3. The Competition Rules do not permit entries that have previously attained a Credit or a Merit award.  Entries that have not attained these awards may be entered up to three times.  Please ensure you are familiar with the current edition of the rules, which is also on the Club Documents Page. Comp Rules and categories V3 2018

Well done to all entrants in contributing to an interesting and high-quality competition.

by Tony Strasser, 20 June 2018

Competition 1804 Results Have Been Published

The results of Competition 1804 (Open & Set – People In Life) are now available for you to see.  The instructions for viewing competition images and results can be viewed by clicking on the following link. They are also on the Club Documents Page.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Viewing Completed Competitions

Some members have been making comments on and discussing the photos which is great.  Please do keep the discussion respectful to both members and the judges.

We have improved with respect to meeting deadlines with just a couple of people needing assistance to post their entries.  If you do need assistance then please email competition@phpc.org.au with sufficient time before the deadline to allow help to be given.

Here again are some points for entrants that will ease your task of using the MyPhotoClub systems and also make it easier for judging and scoring:

  1. Leave yourself plenty of time by entering well before the deadline. Some people did leave it till the last minute.  Things do go wrong from time to time (e.g. Internet down, printer not working, forgotten passwords etc), but leaving it till the very last minute makes it difficult for us to help you and you may miss out on entering the competition. All remaining competitions for the rest of the year are open to entries,so why not start adding entries early to avoid the last-minute rush?
  2. Entrants must print and attach the system-generated labels to their prints.  The labels provide the information we need to identify the entries and the entrants during the competition.  We will toughen our response to non-compliance and so we need your cooperation to avoid any unfortunate incidents of disqualification.  Do print your labels when you enter your images on the system.  Label printing is available on the entry page immediately after initial submission.  The button is at the bottom of the entry form.  You cannot print them after the competition closes.  It is best to print them on an A4 sheet with the print size set to 50%, cut them out, and glue or stick them to the back of the print with double-sided tape.
  3. Please make sure you enter the correct competition category. We had about 10 entries that were entered in the incorrect Open/Set category.  Correcting these errors consumes a lot of time and we’d rather not have to do it.  Most competitions from now are both open and set. You can check and alter your entries anytime before deadline. It is wise to go back and verify your entry as being what you intended. Remember Open awards are worth fewer points than Set awards, so the little bit of effort to check may make a difference in your competition results.

Congratulations everyone again on a successful competition.  Enjoy browsing the entries.

by Tony Strasser, 23 May 2018

Our First Competition Using MyPhotoClub

A big thank you to all Club Members who contributed to making our first photo competition using MyPhotoClub a success.  We had what appears to be a near-record number of entries on display, and all photos shown were of a very high standard. So well done!

There are a couple of things that Members need to ensure they have done in order to successfully finalise this competition and to have their competition points awarded:

  1. If you have not submitted images, titles and categories for your entries on the site using the competition entry form, then we cannot include, nor score, your entry. Please complete this step as soon as possible. Competition 1801 remains open for retrospective entries until 11:45pm next Saturday 24th February. That is plenty of time and there will be no extensions.
  2. Only financial members will accrue points on the system.  A red “Renew Membership” button will appear on your home page if the website does not know about your membership renewal. If you have paid by cash or bank transfer then please register your payment on the system by clicking on the red Renew Membership button and fill in the form and submit it. You will then, after a day or so, receive confirmation of renewal and the red button will disappear.  If you do not renew and you do not register renewal online, then you will not receive competition points!

Instructions on how to do the above have been posted on the site and on our old website.

Thank you to members that have already done all these things. You will receive full credit for your entries.

Finally, the next competition will be run using the new process. Entries are to be made before before deadline. No entries will be accepted after the deadline!  We will send you a reminder 2 weeks ahead of deadline so you don’t forget. All competitions for the year are available for entry already, so you have plenty of time to start building your portfolio of entries on the system, and to change your mind as you wish.

Thanks for your forbearance and cooperation as we make this important change to the administration of our Club and its competitions. With your help it will be a complete success.

As always, if you need assistance then please do not hesitate to ask any of the Committee.

by Tony Strasser, 20 February 2018

Renewing Your Club Membership Using MyPhotoClub

At this time of year Club members are being asked to renew their memberships of the Club. Previously the Treasurer has sent an email to all members requesting payment by bank transfer (preferably) or by cash at a Club meeting.
The MyPhotoClub website now includes a facility for members to register their renewal (or initial) payments. A facility to use PayPal for this purpose is also provided. Be aware though that PayPal deducts a small commission on the way through, so the Club will not receive the total amount paid. It is however a quicker and more automated method.
The instructions for using this new facility are enclosed below. As always, the Committee stands ready to assist if a Member requires assistance.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Paying for Membership

by Tony Strasser, 17 February 2018