About the Club. This document is on public view and describes what the Pennant Hills Photographic Club is about and what it does.

PHPC Constitution

PHPC By-Laws

Club Documents

2021 Calendar which includes competition topics and definitions.  You may also use the Electronic Calendar which you may link to your own online diary.  Click on the “Add” button next to the Calendar on the home page to connect the PHPC Calendar to your own electronic diary (if compatible).

Competition Rules and Categories –  The Club’s photo competition rules.

Mentoring – information about and registration for the photographic mentoring program.

Photography legal matters – information and guidelines.

Tutorials and Presentations

Tutorials and Presentations (members only)

Previous Years’ Results

2019 Points Table (Final)PHPC 2019 AwardsImages of the Year Awards

2018 Points Table (Final) – PHPC 2018 Awards

2017 Competition Results

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