Welcome to the Pennant Hills Photographic Club

The Pennant Hills Photographic Club welcomes all photographers to join and participate in its events and by sharing knowledge to improve and enhance photographic skills. Our club aims to mentor, support, and educate its members, and to foster skills and passion for photography in a collegiate and enjoyable atmosphere.

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About Us

PHPC is a medium-sized club of around 50-60 members. Our members range in skill from enthusiastic novices to experienced photographers. The club has a few members who are judges.

We have a number of members who run the mentoring program for our newer members to learn the capabilities of their camera(s). We are large enough to support the growth of members but small enough to be a community, where all members can know each other. The club is here to challenge us to get the best from ourselves and our cameras

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7:30 pm Welcome Back & AGM via Zoom @ your home
Welcome Back & AGM via Zoom @ your home
Feb 1 @ 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm
Welcome Back and AGM via Zoom: Presentation of the 2021 program and the AGM.
7:45 pm Comp 2101 – Open @ TBA
Comp 2101 – Open @ TBA
Feb 15 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Any subject treated pictorially. A pictorial treatment is one embodying the elements of good design, arrangement of composition, and which reflects the personal interpretation of the photographer.
7:45 pm Presentation – Michelle Kennedy ...
Presentation – Michelle Kennedy ...
Mar 1 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
The presenter is Michelle Kennedy with Part 2 of creative photography.
7:45 pm Comp 2102 – Set Only – Australia... @ Uniting Church Hall
Comp 2102 – Set Only – Australia... @ Uniting Church Hall
Mar 15 @ 7:45 pm – 10:00 pm
Comp 02 – Set only – Australian Landscapes: A photograph of natural land or coastal scenery taken within Australia, which may include people, buildings or other objects, provided that these elements do not dominate the[...]
Recent Posts Archives

Our First Competition Using MyPhotoClub

A big thank you to all Club Members who contributed to making our first photo competition using MyPhotoClub a success.  We had what appears to be a near-record number of entries on display, and all photos shown were of a very high standard. So well done!

There are a couple of things that Members need to ensure they have done in order to successfully finalise this competition and to have their competition points awarded:

  1. If you have not submitted images, titles and categories for your entries on the site using the competition entry form, then we cannot include, nor score, your entry. Please complete this step as soon as possible. Competition 1801 remains open for retrospective entries until 11:45pm next Saturday 24th February. That is plenty of time and there will be no extensions.
  2. Only financial members will accrue points on the system.  A red “Renew Membership” button will appear on your home page if the website does not know about your membership renewal. If you have paid by cash or bank transfer then please register your payment on the system by clicking on the red Renew Membership button and fill in the form and submit it. You will then, after a day or so, receive confirmation of renewal and the red button will disappear.  If you do not renew and you do not register renewal online, then you will not receive competition points!

Instructions on how to do the above have been posted on the site and on our old website.

Thank you to members that have already done all these things. You will receive full credit for your entries.

Finally, the next competition will be run using the new process. Entries are to be made before before deadline. No entries will be accepted after the deadline!  We will send you a reminder 2 weeks ahead of deadline so you don’t forget. All competitions for the year are available for entry already, so you have plenty of time to start building your portfolio of entries on the system, and to change your mind as you wish.

Thanks for your forbearance and cooperation as we make this important change to the administration of our Club and its competitions. With your help it will be a complete success.

As always, if you need assistance then please do not hesitate to ask any of the Committee.

by Tony Strasser, 20 February 2018

Renewing Your Club Membership Using MyPhotoClub

At this time of year Club members are being asked to renew their memberships of the Club. Previously the Treasurer has sent an email to all members requesting payment by bank transfer (preferably) or by cash at a Club meeting.
The MyPhotoClub website now includes a facility for members to register their renewal (or initial) payments. A facility to use PayPal for this purpose is also provided. Be aware though that PayPal deducts a small commission on the way through, so the Club will not receive the total amount paid. It is however a quicker and more automated method.
The instructions for using this new facility are enclosed below. As always, the Committee stands ready to assist if a Member requires assistance.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Paying for Membership

by Tony Strasser, 17 February 2018

Procedure for Our First Competition

This website is now available for Club Members to use. Instructions have been posted here and on our old website at phpc.org.au /More/MyPhotoClub. The instructions are also linked to the Club Documents page.
Members are encouraged to make your entries for the first competition on this site.
As we don’t want to split our scoring system this year, we are aiming to capture all images and scores for the first competition on this MyPhotoClub website.
To facilitate this, we will leave the competition open, and if you don’t manage to complete the entry form before the competition we ask that you complete it as soon as possible after the competition, and certainly within the following week.  This will allow us to record all the scores and have a complete record. The instructions for doing this are also enclosed.
P.S. If entries are not registered we won’t know they have been entered and we will be unable to score them!
P.P.S. Only Financial Members’ entries will be scored. Fees are due now. Thank you to those members that have paid their fees.
If you need assistance then please contact the Competition Secretary by email or phone.
So please go ahead and explore and use the new site. Constructive feedback is also very welcome.

by Tony Strasser, 13 February 2018

How to Enter Competitions

A set of instructions describing how to enter a photo competition using MyPhotoClub has been created and posted on this website (link below) and on our old website on the MyPhotoClub page under the More… menu.

All competitions have been created and are open for entries to Members. Please register your entries in the competitions using the relevant entry forms per the instructions.  Members will be asked to register all entries for the year, including for the first competition, so that scores can be recorded and tallied.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Entering a Competition

by Tony Strasser, 11 February 2018

Getting Started on MyPhotoClub

Members of the Club will soon begin receiving notifications that they have been registered on MyPhotoClub, and also that they have been approved as members of the Pennant Hills Photographic Club website on MyPhotoClub.
The next thing to do is to log-in, review your account settings and complete your profile.  The document below provides the instructions on how to do this.

PHPC MyPhotoClub Instruction – Log-in and Profile Settings

by Tony Strasser, 7 February 2018

Welcome to Pennant Hills Photographic Club

Pennant Hills Photographic Club, welcomes all photographers to be part of our club and community and improve and enhance your skills. Our club aims to mentor, support, educate and enhance your skills and passion for photos and to make the experience enjoyable.
For information on the club and how to join please have a look at this page : Information about the club (opens in a new tab)

by MyPhotoClub Colin, 22 June 2017

Feature Your Banner Photo

Would you like to have your photo featured as the banner on the Club’s website?  We are looking for excellent photos that typify the Pennant Hills district to cycle as our banner photo.  The photo will be overlaid with our logo and the Club’s name, so be sure to leave some space for those.  Please send your photo which needs to have dimensions of 1600 × 460 pixels to webmaster@phpc.org.au.  The file format can be JPEG, TIFF or RAW as long as the EXIF data is present so we can process it. Looking forward to your contributions!

by Tony Strasser, 10 February 2017